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A Lifestyle
So Desirable

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Why Invest In Real Estate?

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The main reason to invest in Real Estate is that it always gives profit. Real Estate values always increase over time. Ai Ghar is best real estate company in lucknow for good investment, you can turn an enormous profit when it’s time to sell. Rents also increase with time, leading to higher cash flow. The earlier you invest, the more profit you will get.

Real estate properties are easy to purchase, convenient to finance, have tax advantages, and improve your lifestyle. Hence, Real Estate, even today, remains one of the most advantageous investment options.

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Our Projects

AI Ghar - plots in Kisan path Lucknow

AI Ghar Lake Town Project

Lucknow 2022

Touching every facet of modern lifestyle, Laketown has changed the skyline of India with its versatile portfolio of residential complexes, educational institutions, hotel and hospitality avenues, shopping malls, farmlands and IT park amongst others. It has a river view which makes it so beautiful and soothing to the eyes.

Laketown is located at Kishanpath, adjacent to Lucknow. It has become a hub of Infrastructural innovations. The area has seen immense growth in recent years. It offers great connectivity to the purvanchal expressway, Lko-Vns expressway (NH-56), (NH-56B), and Raibarellly Road.

Residential Should Be An Investment For Every Budget

Our Services

projects AI Ghar - Get Your Dream Home & Grow Money Exponential

We provide end-to-end home services like house construction, interior designing, and exterior designing


AI Ghar offers customized plot monitoring services and the best level of personalized service with every visit. Regular Monitoring of plots to ensure that the plot is free from encroachment. Regular reporting on the status of the cleanliness of the plots, digital pictures, and reports of the plots will be sent.


Ready to the move-in property is that property that is complete and is ready for occupancy. In today’s fast world most of us lack the time and prefer to complete the deal in the shortest possible time. In such a condition, ready-to-move apartments are a hit in the market today.


Constructing a home is the biggest lifetime dream for everyone. We give you most value to your desires and needs and make use of construction excellence to achieve the biggest dream and goal in your life with the most perfection. Our team is highly dedicated and focused on offering excellent services, which allows us to handle your projects from the beginning to the end.


Give your unfilled space to us and we will make an interior that will convey the objective of your business effectively and productively. Delivering the best possible solution in all kinds of work with high quality in work and solution. We believe in diversity in work hence we compete with others in many interior design services and that too with maintaining high-quality services.


The outer look of any house matters more than anything it introduces the family’s wealth, status, and lifestyle. Having a greater exterior adds to the personality and provides a reputation in neighbors or surroundings. The exterior design gives the outer beauty to the house and adds value to the place making it look more beautiful.

How Does It Work

The process is simple but needs a best real estate company in lucknow to large investment at the beginning, but that’s not the problem, you can acquire it in installments, buy it upfront, or pay through a loan. After one year it will give you its double profit. Investing in Real Estate is very profitable for your future and upcoming generations. 

Real estate always increases in value over time, and you can sell it for a solid profit or rent it out so you can earn monthly income while you wait for your property’s value to rise. Real estate investments are considered protection against inflation because the prices of goods and services are rising, and home values and rents typically increase, too, so it’s a smart move towards your future goals.

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Why Choose Us

We use modern technology along with our market knowledge, unsurpassed negotiation and sales skills, professional experience, and collaboration to assist you in identifying your desired property and securing the best price and terms while protecting your interests. We walk through each of our listings with our sellers to discuss the home’s highlights and features, taking a personalized approach to marketing your home in the best possible light. Our online and print advertising captures the true essence of your home and the attention of prospective buyers.

Helping You Find
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